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Welcome to Whitney Afton (formerly Glow & Polish), a recipe and lifestyle blog focused on beautiful food and whole self-care.


Eat foods that make you glow; polish your body with real, natural products; live fully and simply. These are the principles I follow to stay healthy and well, and I created the blog to share the specifics of this lifestyle, including recipes, self-care routines, lifestyle tips & tricks, and inspiration along the way.

I believe that whole, natural foods and ingredients make up the core of health and wellness and that such foods and ingredients should be accessible to everyone. Living a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of oneself shouldn’t require special knowledge, deep pockets, or an unreasonable investment of time. Everyone deserves access to good, healthy food and clean self-care products, and I intend to use this blog to share what I’ve discovered over years of teaching myself to cook delicious, whole-food meals and create my own self-care products and routines from natural ingredients. 

About Whitney

Here are some fun facts about me: I’m the mother of one bright and inspiring little girl; a whole foods and holistic wellness junkie; and I have a master’s degree in English. In my free time I cook like crazy, read, hike, swim, and write. My favorite color is navy blue; favorite food is brown rice (though pickles are a close second); I’m obsessed with folklore & fairy tales (like the old, scary versions by the Grimm Brothers & Charles Perault); and I love reading everything from literature to the news. 

After living a healthy, whole foods-based lifestyle for a few years now, I’ve developed a knack for coming up with creative and delicious meals along with simple holistic beauty practices. I’m really excited to share my ideas with others who may think clean living is too extreme, difficult, or expensive. I’m a single mother and teacher with a crazy workload, and I don’t have a ton of disposable income. I’ve learned how to live healthy on a budget and while being a busy working mom. I know that healthy living is a privilege, and I want to do what I can to extend the knowledge and ability to make healthy choices to more people through the recipes and tips I’ve come up with. 

Healthy Living

My version of healthy living means consuming and caring for yourself with the best quality natural foods and products available. When I use the term “natural,” I mean whole, real foods/ingredients/products grown or created without unnecessary chemicals and additives. Basically, I want to consume beautiful, whole foods that also make me feel beautiful and whole. Processed ingredients and additives that alter my mood and weight, leave me with cravings for more junk, and cause my body and skin distress are not part of the deal.

Thank you so much for visiting Whitney Afton. If you have any questions about recipes or healthy living, something you’d like to share with me, or perhaps an issue you’d like me to help troubleshoot, feel free to send me an email. I hope you find something helpful here. β™₯